Connect 10.17.2


  1. Inventory enhancements including:
    – ability to automate a created transfer back to another Vendor or Warehouse after closed event
    True Up Count view:
    – the view will now have such information as: costs and conversion rates
    – additionally it is possible to access customisable Venue grouping to create Count Groups within the True Up page
  2. Events page improvements:
    Stand Sheets:
    – enhancements in sorting (additional filters added)
    – new indicators: chargeable / non-chargeable added
  3. Cash Room → Cash Management updates:
    – Cash can currently be added by denomination
  4. Adjust tip for check orders. 

    How can I use Adjust Tip feature?
    You open a check order and add a tip when finalizing transaction with a Credit Card.
    Later, you notice that you’ve added the wrong tip and want to change its amount.
    With Adjust Tip feature, you can adjust the tip amount on a check

    What I need to know first?

    – Adjust Tip works only on Check Orders
    – The feature is available for payments finalized with Credit Card, in online mode onlyWhat Connect configuration steps are required first?
    1. To enable Adjust Tip for your Activate account you need to:
    – open Connect → navigate to Options → open Employee Roles
    – open Fee/Tip/Tax tab
    – switch the “Adjust Tip Allowed” to Yes

    2. Under Fee/Tip/Tax tab on Employee Role, there’s a Delay Time for Adding Tip button:
    – there, you can adjust the time of capture delay (e.g. 2 minutes)
    – when e.g. 2 minutes delay time is set, it means that after adding first tip, user has 2 minutes to adjust the amount of the initial tip
    – the Delay Time must be set to minimum 1 minute

    Note!  When the Delay Time for Adding Tip is set to e.g. 2 minutes, you will be able to track the tip added to order on Connect once the predefined delay time has elapsed. 

    3. There’s also one flag added to Permissions Sets
    – navigate to Connect → Options → Permissions Sets → Menu
    – set the Require Pin for adjust Tip flag to YES
    – as a result, when trying to adjust tip via Activate, user will be prompted to enter Manager PIN


  1. Connect → Reports → End of Show → Detailed Category Sales Report.
    Previously, when trying to generate the report choosing “Include Comps” to YES, the report showed incorrect gross sales totals.
  2. Connect → Accounts page.
    Issues with incorrect accounts loading.
  3. Problems with wristbands synchronization to Connect (occurring with Braintree Integration).
  4. Connect Roles not respecting editing items setting.
  5. PreOrdering general enhancements.


  1. Items page enhancements.
    Category Groups: 
    – navigate to Items page → select an item to edit
    – when an item is opened → click the “Category Groups” view
    – click the “Add Category Group” button
    – notice, that there is a new “Unassign” button added to the modal window
    Assigned Vendors:
    – click the “Add Vendor” button
    – notice, that there is a new “Unassign” button next to each Vendor that removes the assignment from item
    – click the “Add Modifier” button
    – Add Modifier model opens
    – notice, that there is a new “Unassign” button next to each modifier