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1. Multiple Itemized Prints – Printing Splits using “MORE” button. 

When printing itemized receipts via the More button you have the option to print a consolidated receipt or individual receipts, as done for original split payments.

– There is a new flag in permission sets (screen below). By default it is set to NO.

If YES, then a split order made with the “MORE” button will be printed as several receipts. One receipt per one payment. This is the behavior of traditional splits.

So, i.e, one $15 order – 2 payment types chosen -> 2 receipts printed
1 split payment = Cash ($8) + transaction details – printed separately
2 split payment = CC ($7) + transaction details – printed separately

 If NO, then a split order made with “MORE” button will be printed like a regular order, so one print for all payments.

2. Elo VFD integration.

– Elo VFD connected to iSeries
– 2 line display integration including the information that is shown on the PayPoint display, so: item, price, total, change, etc.

3. Scanning promo codes.
– Available in both modes: Normal & Retail

And how scanning promo codes works: 

– First, you need to have a promo code created & assigned to the correct Vendor or to the whole Venue (Connect > Codes)

Additionally, some settings are needed on Connect > Employee Role
Employee Role General Page (click YES)

Employee Role Checkout Page (click YES)

Then, if you have barcode scanner attached to your device and promo barcode is generated, it can be applied & used in simple steps:

1. Make some order
2. Scan promo code
3. Promo code is applied to your order
4. Scanned promo code shows up in the cart (If it is “Manager” promo code, then the name of that code will be hidden)