Connect 10.18.6

Cash Room Enhancements

  • Glory Cash Recycler compatible with new Cash Room.
    If you’re utilizing the old Cash Room, contact your Client Success Manager or Appetize Support ( to upgrade.
  • Fixed: Cash Management page reloaded when the Drops field was edited.

Inventory Enhancements

  • Hawking recognizes if multiple Tax Rates are assigned.
  • Fixed: True Up exports occasionally caused time-out issues.
  • Fixed: Vendors could be in an ‘open’ status concurrently in multiple Events.
  • Fixed: Inventory Reports were not pulling by Calendar time.
  • Fixed: Purchase Order PDF exports included quantities for undelivered orders.
  • Fixed: Stock Request Form exported blank if the vendor was in a Counted Out status.
  • Completed additional enhancements in preparation for the Live Inventory redesign.

Suites Enhancements

  • Download all Event Order Reports by Event into a single PDF.
  • Fixed: Suites Distribution Report did not include multiple vendors.
  • Fixed: Some subcategories did not display in the user interface.
  • Fixed: Fees were not taxed in the user interface.
  • Fixed: Old orders were displayed in Activate.

Other Connect Updates

  • Printed receipt displays the correct tax amount for orders greater than $1,000.
  • Contactless EMV Payment settings are available for Android.