Activate iOS 7.8

New Features

  • Added an ‘Add Credit Card’ button to the Tab Actions page. Now users can add a credit card to an open tab, keep it open, and continue adding items to the tab.
  • Added a new screen where users can start a tab with Suite (suite number), Account (suite account), and User (suiteholder) information.
    Note: The ‘Allow tab by suite’ Permissions Set option must be enabled in Connect.
  • Added the ability for Suites Managers to remove an automatically applied Custom Fee from an order.
    • After users tap Closeout Check > Fees, the cart displays the fees applied to the order. Users can swipe left on the fee they want to remove and tap the Delete button.
    • The ‘Is Manager’ option must be enabled in the Employee Role: Options > Employee Roles > Is Manager set to Yes.

  • Added a ‘Complete Pending Orders’ button to the All Orders > Options screen. This change allows users to complete pending orders due to the Adjust Tip Timer and print Finalize Day.
    • If orders are in Pending Closed state with an Adjust Tip Timer, this button is enabled.
    • If orders are in Pending Closed state and a tip is not entered, this button is disabled.
    • When this button is enabled and selected, all Pending Orders that have an Adjust Tip Timer assigned are moved to Completed status (if they are successful).
    • When this button is enabled and selected, all Pending Orders that do not have an Adjust Tip Timer assigned are not affected and remain in the Pending Orders state.
    • This button does not affect KDS order status.

  • Updated Custom Fee functionality. If Custom Fees have the ‘Apply automatically’ option enabled in Connect, the Custom Fees are automatically applied to orders created in Activate.
    To enable this option in Connect:
    1. Click Options > Custom Fees.
    2. Click the Custom Fee you want to modify.
    3. Set the ‘Apply automatically’ option to Yes.
    • This option is disabled (set to No) by default.
    • Multiple fees can be applied.
    • The Convenience Fee is ignored if the following options are both configured for an order:
      ‣ Custom Fee set to auto-apply
      ‣ Convenience Fee

Fixes and Enhancements

  • Fixed an intermittent issue where PreOrders with a credit card attached were declined and went into offline state upon checkout in Activate.
  • Fixed an issue where an item needed to be added to a PreOrder tab for it to close successfully.
  • Fixed an issue where Automatically Applied Custom Fees disappeared from Suites orders.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Is Clickable’ setting (Items > Items > Is Clickable option set to No) for Items was not respected.
  • Fixed an issue where users were able to place orders while the Venue or Vendor Roles were closed, but all orders were declined.
  • Fixed an issue where checks were declined when Loyalty Discounts and standard Discounts were applied to the same transaction.
  • Fixed an issue where alcohol items displayed in Activate, even though the Alcohol option was disabled (Options > Vendor Roles > Alcohol set to No) on the vendor role.
  • Fixed an issue where Activate crashed when using the Search bar and users were forced to log back into Activate.
  • Fixed an issue where the terminal triggered multiple attempts in offline tabs sync.
  • Fixed an issue where the Order Total amount was incorrect on printed receipts.
  • Fixed an issue where customers could not change the Payment Type for declined orders.
  • Fixed an issue where the Tax on Fees amount applied to Convenience Fees on orders was missing.